A Comparison of Jamal Al-Din Al-Afghani, Muhammad Abduh & Sayyid Qutb on their Visions for Islamic Society


“The centre of attention is no longer Islam as a religion, it is rather Islam as a civilization. The aim of man’s acts is not the service of God alone; it is the creation of human civilization flourishing in all its parts” (114, Arabic Thought in the Liberal Age). “Abduh’s purpose…was to bridge the gulf […]

A Comparison of Qutb’s & Ramadan’s Ideals on Islamic States & an Examination of Westerners Motivation to Join ISIS


  Estimates state approximately 3,000 Westerners have joined the fight alongside the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The motivation behind the move to join a militant Islamist group halfway across the globe is one that requires an examination of the attractive components presented by groups such as ISIS and al Quaeda. What would […]