Success and Failure: Revolutions of 1919 and 2011


There are many similarities and differences between the Egyptian revolutions of 1919 and 2011. The most significant factors to compare and contrast are that of the leaderships, the involvement of other political parties, and the results that both revolutions produced. The Wafd political party derives its name from the Egyptian delegation Al Wafd Al Misri that called for complete independence of Egypt from the […]

Politics in the Puppeteer (Al-Araguz)


Abdullah Nasir Revolution in Egypt 10/15/2014 Politics in the Puppeteer (Al-Araguz) The movie Al-Araguz, is about a puppeteer whose name is Mohamed Gad El Kareem, and as a single father, raises his son named Bahloul. The movie takes place under Gamal Abdel Nasser’s regime after the Revolution of 1952. In his line of work, Mohammed […]