The British Response to Denshawai Versus Mubarak’s Response to Tahrir

1906. Granger.

The Egyptian people faced mistreatment from the British colonizers during the 20th century, paralleling the mistreatment they faced from Mubarak’s regime. One example of  this mistreatment was the Denshawai incident in 1906. Tensions spiked between British occupiers and the Egyptians when five British officers went pigeon hunting in Denshawai, a small town that survived by […]

A Comparison Music of Tahrir Square and the Carnation Revolution

(Wasfy, 2011)

In 2011, Egyptian youth joined together in Cairo’s Tahir Square to protest the reign of Hosni Mubarak. They chanted and sang protest songs. A few weeks later, Mubarak stepped down, and the Egyptian Military took over.  In 1974, young military officers gathered in the streets of Portugal to overthrow the Estado Novo, the authoritarian regime that […]