Looking Forward: Al-Sisi’s Egypt.

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Political Islam is a nebulous term that means different things to different people. For some, like the Sunni followers of Wahhabi sect, it is a strict set of political and legal institutions that uses the strictest interpretation of the Quran’s to its fullest potential. While others believe any coexistence of Islamic teachings and governance could […]

Egyptian History in Political Cartoons

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Comparing and Contrasting the Music of Protests (Taryn Zira)

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How did the music that evolved during the Tahrir Square revolution reflect the social struggles of the people and help to unite them, and did this change influence pop culture after the revolution? Music and art provide excellent insights into certain time periods and the eras that they reflect because these art forms are derived […]

Comparing Perspectives on Egyptian Revolution

Egyptians shout anti-constitutional amendments slogans during a protest against a referendum at Tahrir Square in Cairo

The 2013 documentary Al Midan (“The Square”) follows a cast of Egyptians whose backgrounds characterize three major social groups involved in the 2011 uprising. Among them are young liberals, Muslim Brothers, and military soldiers, all whose presence and interactions fundamentally shaped the events in Tahrir square. By focusing on perspectives from these three parties, the […]

A Comparison of Qutb’s & Ramadan’s Ideals on Islamic States & an Examination of Westerners Motivation to Join ISIS


  Estimates state approximately 3,000 Westerners have joined the fight alongside the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The motivation behind the move to join a militant Islamist group halfway across the globe is one that requires an examination of the attractive components presented by groups such as ISIS and al Quaeda. What would […]

The Many Shades of Freedom: Political Islam in the Egyptian Revolution


Sayyid Qutb was a prominent Islamic thinker of the mid-20th century who espoused a strong adherence to the Quran in governance and everyday life. His most prominent work, Milestones,  was published in 1964 and laid out the guidelines for how to think, by his standards, in a truly Islamic way. By doing so, it would […]