The Plight of Syrian Refugees in Egypt


  Whether as a final destination or as a means to continue on to Europe, Syrian refugees have been flowing into Egypt in great numbers since the start of their homeland’s civil war in 2011.  For the first two years of the crisis, most of these Syrians fared well in Egypt.  The Egyptian people were […]

Rebels with a Cause

          As El Ahly Sporting Club supporters, the Ultras Ahlawy played an essential role in Egypt’s 2011 Rebellion. Ultras are a type of fanatical sports fan that are known for extreme support of clubs to the extent of violence, they are common in Europe, especially Britain. The members chant phrases such […]

The Egyptian National Police: at the Service of the People?


The Egyptian National Police (ENP), and its paramilitary branch the Central Security Forces (CSF), play a significant role in Egyptian political process, and their influence was conspicuous in the 2011 revolution. The police force is large, and has been a major employer of young middle and lower-class men who might otherwise have been unemployed or […]

Nasser: the Hero, the Villain, and the Nationalist


Many historians and people who have been following the revolutionary events in Egypt can definitely agree that Gamal Abdul Nasser was, without a doubt, a pivotal figure in recent Egyptian history.  Nasser’s part in the Suez Crisis of 1956 and his desire for an Arabic world free of Western influence led him to become one […]

Tareq Ramadan, Artificial Debates, and The Real Problem


Islam has a role to play in Egypt’s future. To thrive, Egypt requires a suitable method of using Islam and other factors to attain stability. Ideally, this would be a simple matter of evaluating the gain to Egypt of various options and implementing the right one. This would mean the hardest part is agreeing on […]

Impact of Gun Control on the Revolution

Alex Krupski One issue that is always the subject of much debate and speculation in the United States, gun control,  also has a significant impact on Egyptian society. The January revolution in particular, had an incredible effect on the way guns were treated, and viewed in Egyptian society as well as some of the laws […]

Politics in the Puppeteer (Al-Araguz)


Abdullah Nasir Revolution in Egypt 10/15/2014 Politics in the Puppeteer (Al-Araguz) The movie Al-Araguz, is about a puppeteer whose name is Mohamed Gad El Kareem, and as a single father, raises his son named Bahloul. The movie takes place under Gamal Abdel Nasser’s regime after the Revolution of 1952. In his line of work, Mohammed […]

Comparing Nasser and Sadat

Egypt has seen various regimes throughout its history, with each having its own attitude toward the Muslim Brotherhood and stance on foreign policy. Specifically, between 1956 and 1981, Egypt was ruled by two differing mindsets in these areas. Gamal Abdel Nasser came to power as the president of Egypt in 1956 after serving as prime […]

A Comparison Music of Tahrir Square and the Carnation Revolution

(Wasfy, 2011)

In 2011, Egyptian youth joined together in Cairo’s Tahir Square to protest the reign of Hosni Mubarak. They chanted and sang protest songs. A few weeks later, Mubarak stepped down, and the Egyptian Military took over.  In 1974, young military officers gathered in the streets of Portugal to overthrow the Estado Novo, the authoritarian regime that […]

How Social Media Sparked the 2011 Movement

The Egyptian population is approximately 80 million strong and of those 80 million people approximately 21% have access to the Internet and about 4.5 million have Facebook accounts. With the poor economic conditions, emergency law rule, and brutality many Egyptians faced on what seemed like a daily basis, the ease on the restriction against Internet […]