The Unintended Consequences of Muhammad Ali


The effort to modernize Egypt was led not by an Egyptian, but by an Ottoman-Albanian general, Muhammad Ali Pasha (1769-1849). Muhammad Ali took advantage of a power vacuum left from the French withdrawal and infighting between the Mamuuks to seize and consolidate power in Egypt. He became the self-proclaimed Khedive of Egypt and Sudan and […]

Women in the Revolution: A Look At Feminist Progress in Egypt


  Women in Egypt face a myriad of problems when it comes to women’s rights, political participation, and gender role rigidity. Egypt in the last century has become a hotbed of movements – the nationalist movement, the Islamist movement, the resistance movement, et cetera. But despite the important role that women play in society and […]

Aida and Egyptian Nationalism

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By the time Aida was brought to the stage, global rediscovery of Egypt was already occurring. Its culture was becoming popular in Europe, but the financial instability from the cost of the Suez Canal and the opera itself put Khedive Ismail into even more debt. Aida embodies the relationship between Europe and Egypt, with Egypt […]

Early Modern Egypt: In the Crosshairs of Orientalism


“Orientalism” as defined by Edward Said, is “the basic distinction between East and West as the starting point for elaborate theories, epics, novels, social descriptions, and political accounts concerning the Orient, its people, customs, ‘mind,’ destiny and so on.”  Under the influence of foreign powers for years, Egypt has often been a country whose image was […]

British Involvement in Egypt: The Suez Story

suez map

The Suez Canal is an artificial waterway that cuts through Egypt to connect the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. It is crucial to global shipping. If it were not for the canal, vessels on the busy trade routes between Europe and Asia would have to travel thousands of miles to pass around the southern […]

Divorce Disparities in Egypt

1975 Egyptian movie titled "Uriidu hall an", which dealt with inequalities of divorce laws in Egypt

It is no secret that gender equalities exist in the modern Egyptian world. In the divorce realm, Egyptian women face an increased gender bias. From eyewitness requirements to forced mediation, women in Egypt must jump through numerous legal hoops before being granted an inadequate, imbalanced divorce. The root of the issue stems from the battle […]

The British Response to Denshawai Versus Mubarak’s Response to Tahrir

1906. Granger.

The Egyptian people faced mistreatment from the British colonizers during the 20th century, paralleling the mistreatment they faced from Mubarak’s regime. One example of  this mistreatment was the Denshawai incident in 1906. Tensions spiked between British occupiers and the Egyptians when five British officers went pigeon hunting in Denshawai, a small town that survived by […]

A Comparison of the Revolutionary Methods of Kamel and Nasser

Mustafa Kamel

The ideology of a revolution has historically followed with an idealistic sense of the overthrow of oppression, the disruption of a despotic regime and fulfilling the sentiment of the people. Whether it is Marx’s ideas on the rise of the proletariat or the American Revolution with its pillars of liberty and independence this mentality of […]

Identity and Unity through “New Media”

“Indeed, modern Egyptian mass culture, from its beginnings with privately owned newspapers in the 1870s to vaudeville and the recording industry, which became powerful cultural vehicles in the first two decades of the twentieth century, had a tremendous influence on the Egyptians masses…It is the totality of these media, working together, which entertained, informed, and […]

British Interest and Control in Egypt


How and Why The British Gained Control of Egypt              The British, from 1882 until 1956, occupied Egypt. A series of revolutions and wars took place during that time period, but I really wanted to examine the WHY and the HOW the country of England came to occupy and control Egypt. Relations between Egypt and […]